Before You Apply For A Loan

Dear Ma/Sir,

Thanks for your application to request a loan from Covenant Capital. We are always happy to attend to your request.

Please note that the following documents/information are required to enable us process your request promptly:

  1. The attached reference letter must be filled and endorsed by your centre pastor or the HOD of the your department in The Covenant Nation. Soft copy should be sent to
  2. Your bank statement (6months). Soft copy should be sent to
  3. Your guarantors bank statement. (6months). Soft copy should be sent to
    Statement should be up to 6months, showing that they have done the amount you applied for in single transactions at least 3 times. Soft copy should be sent to
  4. Your financial projections (what you expect to earn in the next 12 months, on a monthly basis). Soft copy should be sent to
  5. Use of funds; a write up showing how you plan to spend the money. Soft copy should be sent to

Please send all documents above within 1 weeks from the date of your application.
We will not be able to review your application without complete documents as requested above. Thank you.

Covenant Capital Admin

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